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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is VGDb free to use?

You better believe it. VGDb is 100% free to use, whether you're just browsing for the best deals, or doing in-depth research on your favourite games.

Q. I noticed something wrong, can you fix it?

Certainly, it is our pleasure. Use the contact form on this page, giving as much information as possible. Accuracy is our prime directive, and we aim to fix most issues within 24-hours.

Q. How frequently are the prices updated?

We update price listings at least once every day. You'll only notice when they change however, and for some older games this can be a rare occurrence. Rest assured everything is up-to-date.

Q. Who hosts your website?

The VGDb website is hosted by Halogen Digital on UK-based servers.

Q. Who wrote the VGDb platform?

That would be our very own Daniel Crocker. What started out as a simple Excel spreadsheet in 2008 has become a PHP/MySQL benemoth with 1,986,052 price change records and counting.

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